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IT Resume Writing: Top Writing Tips

IT Resume Writer's Goal As you begin to develop the main content of your resume, you'll begin to expound on your professional experience. This is where you need to do 3 key things: What you did What you accomplished How you accomplished this The body of the resume should contain your work history. If you're […]

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More Than 75% of Your Resume Could Be Useless

You kill more trees by using more papers while printing your resume and contribute to further warming the planet by consuming extra kilobytes when circulating it electronically. Therefore, keeping your CV short does not only grant it the attention of potential employers but also makes you environmentally responsible. Employers wish if applicants learn how to […]

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10 Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

A resumé is the most powerful document in your job search arsenal. A good resume can unlock doors to an array of professional opportunities. While writing the ideal resume can be a significant challenge for many of us, you can simplify the process by incorporating the following steps: 1. Decide whether your resumé should be […]

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How to Create a Resume Heading

The heading portion of your resume is arguably the most important part of your resume. This section gives the employer your name and provides them with multiple ways of contacting you. It is important to have this information at the top of your resume and emphasized so it's impossible to miss. Your Name Don't get […]

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What's Keeping Your Resume From Being Seen?

Have you ever noticed a dirty windshield before it reached the opaque stage? If you are like most of us, nope. You keep adjusting to the slowly deteriorating view until suddenly you realize it needs to be cleaned. And wow, what a difference once you wash it! There are a lot of areas in life […]

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Top Resume Don'ts

Everyone knows that if you are looking for a new career you need to put your resume together. Too often, it's not handled in the most effective / impactful manner. The first impression a recruiter or a hiring manager has of you is through your resume, and there are a few common mistakes that could […]

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Including Graphics on a Resume?

If adding a graphic or other design element to your resume frightens you, findings recorded in the 2014 white paper produced by Career Thought Leaders Career Brainstorming Day might make shake you up! According to leading industry experts who gathered to report and summarize trends in resumes development and job search strategy, “Infographics are being […]

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