Project Leader /Senior – Augmented Visibility

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Project Leader /Senior – Augmented Visibility

Job Description and Requirements

Job Responsibilities: –

The project leader in Augmented Visibility team plays a vital role to ensure the success of our projects. His role includes some or all of the following activities:

Manage several projects with different scopes at the same time.

Ensure projects achieve their targets within agreed timing and budget.


Provide detailed professional planning for projects activities, with budget and resource allocation.

Provide reports for planned effort per project, and per resource, taking into account resources vacations, holidays or trainings.

Update projects plans regularly

Coordinate and assign tasks to team members to fulfill plans and meet deadlines.

Follow up and monitoring

Monitor & control projects schedules, budget and risks.

Follow up on project progress.

Conduct daily five minutes meeting with project team.

Follow up with team members on the open actions.

Take all necessary actions to facilitate project work, and enable team members to achieve project goals.

Monitor and control projects issues and risks.

Detect risks early, communicate them, and take actions to avoid or mitigate them.

Responsible for projects closure and resources feedback.


Provide professional reports / or presentations to represent the project status and scopes.

Report project status internally and externally.

Provide weekly or daily status report for each project as requested by management

Customer Communication

Responsible for customer communication.

Conduct, Attend, and manage customer meetings and take meeting minutes.

Negotiate deadlines, budget, and effort estimations with customer and stakeholders.


Ensure the project delivers its agreed upon scope in the defined deadlines with the committed budget and applying Valeo quality standards.

Responsible for the level of quality of the project.

Respond to quality audit, compliance findings, and project reviews.

Ensure the Configuration Management and the Change Control of the Software product.

5- 7 years of relevant experienced.

B.Sc. in Communication, Mechatronics, Electronics or Computer Engineering.

B. Sc. in Computer science

Excellent command of English language is a must.

Knowledge of French or German is a plus.

Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal communication.

Strong knowledge of planning Software tools like MS project and Google Gantter.

Able to provide professional planning and reporting of projects in terms of budget, resources, effort and milestones.

Previous leadership experience is required.

Project management experience is a plus

Previous experience in Software development or testing.

Previous experience in embedded software is a plus.

Ready to travel to other Valeo wipers sites in Germany, France, USA, Poland, or China.

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